Objeto Variable

Describe el objeto JSON de una Variable.

Una Variable en Netux | Cloud puede almacenar uno o más data-points. Las Variables son la entidad más granular y pueden ser raw o synthetic.

idStringId of Variable
labelStringLabel of Variable
nameStringName of Variable
createdAtStringDate Variable was created
syntheticExpressionStringSynthethic Expression of a the Synthetic Variable
descriptionStringDescription of Device
deviceObjectDevice it belongs to
lastActivityNumberDate of of Variable's last activity
lastValueObjectLast value of the Variable
propertiesObjectProperties of Variable, including support for:
- _color: Variable's color in #rrggbb hexadecimal format.
- _icon: Font Awesome name of Variable's icon.
- minimum_value: Variable's minimum value of allowed values.
- maximum_value: Variable's maximum value of allowed values.
tagsString ArrayTags of Device
typeString"raw" or "synthetic"
unitStringUnit of Variable, can be anything
urlStringUrl of Variable
valuesUrlStringURL of Values of the Variable
    "createdAt": "2019-12-18T14:38:38.354415Z",
    "syntheticExpression": "",
    "description": "",
    "device": {
        "id": "6e309da44fc8455a9cceb5aa",
        "label": "first-device",
        "name": "First Device",
        "url": "http://api.netux.com/api/v2.0/devices/6e309da44fc8455a9cceb5aa"
    "icon": "",
    "id": "781b33e657aa5dfa39e69391",
    "label": "first-variable",
    "lastActivity": null,
    "lastValue": {},
    "name": "First Variable",
    "properties": {
        "_color": "#2FBD68",
        "_icon": "raindrops"
    "tags": [],
    "type": "raw",
    "unit": null,
    "url": "http://api.netux.com/api/v2.0/variables/781b33e657aa5dfa39e69391",
    "valuesUrl": "http://api.netux.com/api/v2.0/variables/781b33e657aa5dfa39e69391/values"